There are many types of infrared burner used for Radiant Oven such as Ceramic Fiber, Cordierite or Cordierite covered with rare earth material.

Ceramic fiber, space shuttle technology is the most significant in terms of flexibility and reliability due to high porosity properties as thermal insulation which can prevent backfire happen at high heat input. We supply ceramic fiber plaque from Maywick company in England.

Coorstek and SellWell offer effectively Cordierite plaque wildly used in heat furnace provide high heat output compared to the former and also offer economic advantages.

Cordierite covered with REE has been developed by Chongqing Haodong Technology in China which rare earth element can increase reliability of cordierite plaque and also increase heating performance which can operate up to 1,000 C without backfire.

The test has been performed on 27 April, 2013 at PP Systems site which can present nature of each kind of IR burner.

Please find out more at PP Systems.

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