Gold-backed Infrared Lamp l Fannon

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Infrared Burner Heating l หัวเตาอินฟราเรด

Fannon electric infrared goldenrod emitter offers high Intensity Short to Medium IR Wavelength Radiation which is the best suit with absorption band of the most organic material such as polymer common used in powder coating.

The 24K gold-backed give 23% higher efficiency than standard emitter with very fast respond time off-on in seconds.

Radiation energy can transfer directly to the object through electromagnetic wave with tiny losses compare to convection oven which air will be heated instead the object and large amount energy losses through oven’s entrance, exit, wall and exhaust system. It offers more  energy efficiency as air keeps cold while object absorb infrared energy being heated.

Infrared control can be more reliable using phase angle SSR and non-contact temperature sensor; however, the project’s budget must be compromised. The system can be designed conformance with the project’s budget and control accuracy such as (1) Manual control on-off (2) Semi-Auto time delay (3) Automatic High/Low/Off or (4) Fully Automatic SSR Modulation.

Finally, although the electricity fee seems expensive comparison to gases heating method, the electric IR system offers shorter process time which affected less running energy cost. Moreover, the advantage on fast on-off and  interlock which can turn heaters off when no-load and turn-on suddenly in seconds when loading.




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