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Oven’s temperature can be controlled through various methods ;

The most simple and economic method is On/Off which burners are turned off when temperature reached the target and reignited after it drops lower than setting. Operator can apply tolerance between set temperature value preventing of burner on-off too frequency. Video above presented On/Off control through infrared burner and its pulse ignition system.

Another method is High/Low/Off which two solenoid gas valves are functioned. Both valves open when burners working at High-fire mode or temperature lower than set point. Once oven’s temperature reached the target, a valve will be closed and the burners operated at Low-fire maintaining temperature. However, if the temperature still increase over high limit, the burners will be automatically turned off.

Other method is Modulating. The system applies a motorized gas valve to control heat input through supply gases which received process signal 4-20mA or 0-10 VDC for real time adjusting. This method offers precious temperature control and less gas consumption.


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