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Over spray powder can be collected by Cartridge filter and reuse bring about cost effective and economic advantage.

With regard to Low price filter, its material made from paper same as oil filter. The paper’s fiber will contaminate to powder when operation of pulse cleaning system. Contamination cause of non-uniform & smooth finishing surface due to the fiber will be activated by high voltage spray gun.

Our filter has 25 micron pore size cannot permit powder pigment (normally 50 micron) travel into blower and discharge to ambient. Our material imported from USA and made from special paper for powder coating.

Our filter offers high efficiency and long life time up to 4-5 months.

  • PA200 size ID21 x OD27 x H60 cm with 3.42 Sq.m collecting area for compact size powder booth and frequency change the colour.
  • PA300 size ID26 x OD33 x H60 cm with 8.50 Sq.m for heavy duty powder booth.

Genpore produces superior quality 50 micron Fluidizing Plate in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE), Also known as fluid bed plate, the product delivers uniform air distribution for diffusing, aerating and fluidizing materials particularly in Fluid Bed Tanks for Powder Coating.

GenPore’s fluidizing plates are easily installed, either side up, with a minimum of effort. Modifications can be made with regular metalworking equipment or standard hand tools. The plates can be sealed in place with standard RTV Silicones or the equivalent.

These highly chemical inert panels utilize a network of omnidirectional pores for effective “torturous path” filtration. These panels are available in a variety of pore sizes.

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Reference : Video of fluidized bed powder coating from Bekaert Channel Company.